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If you're looking for a steel drummer to add a little something extra to any party or event then you are looking for the "Shaula Sound"! Shaula Kitan Walko is a steel drummer in a class of her own. Perfecting the sound of "Pan Nouveau", Shaula is a trend setting steel drummer with a sound unique of that of any other steel drummer. Shaula has been immersed in music her entire life and she learned to play double-seconds steel drums directly from world renowned steel drummer Ray Holman. From there she has mastered the art of steel drums and is now pioneering the way in a new genre of pan called "Pan Nouveau". Shaula is a versatile pan drummer able to play reggae, rock, hip hop, folk, Hawaiian songs, early Calypsos and traditional Caribbean folk songs, Christmas and Holiday and jazz. Also her ability to music copy and transcribe gives her an unlimited range of music to choose from for any event. Shaula has been booked as "Lounge music" by hotels, shopping malls, Chamber of Commerce events, wineries, luaus and yacht club parties, and also as "Welcome music" at the Del Mar horseraces and at other events including reunions and benefit fundraisers throughout San Diego, Orange and Riverside counties over the past eleven years. She also does private parties such as cocktail parties, dinner parties and receptions. So many people have already enjoyed the "Shaula Sound"!

Shaula's drums were professionally made in Trinidad and are tuned in Los Angeles. Shaula's mallets are hand crafted out of garden bamboo stakes making the "Shaula Sound" a truly authentic experience.

Shaula is not only a professional steel drummer but she is also a distinguished one as well. She is both a writer and a publisher member of ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. Shaula is an experienced performer, currently playing in two group projects, a reggae-pop band and an afro-cuban jazz project.

Bringing such a unique sound to the art of pan, one can only describe it as the "Shaula Sound". The upbeat, tropical rhythms of the Caribbean combined with the island sounds of the steel drum will add the perfect touch to any special event. Whether providing soothing island sounds reminiscent of a summer breeze or the happy, upbeat sounds identified with Carnival, the tropical atmosphere of the steel drum has a sound that everyone will enjoy.

When you book Shaula you're getting a local artist with international training and professionalism. Not only is her sound fresh and unique but her easy going personality and affordable prices make her a joy to work with. She provides not just a great sound but also a great service. So many people have already experienced the "Shaula Sound" and so many more like yourself will continue to enjoy this amazing artist in the future.


CONTACT:   SHAULA KITAN WALKO                TEMECULA, CA                (951) 212-5485               

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